Basic Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoos are extremely popular nowadays. Everyone is getting one and for those who still don’t have a tattoo (most likely due to being under age) can’t wait to get one. Why are tattoos such a craze? Because these amazing works of art are beautiful to look at, tattoos these days well made and a professional […]


Basic Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork that are permanently embedded into skin. They are made by inserting pigments into the dermis that will later be absorbed by the skin, making it permanent. Every tattoo design whether small or large requires multiple needle stabbings, which is easily done by a tattoo machine to deliver the ink. […]


Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Summer is the time where you get to see all kinds of tattoos. With all their shirts off and exposing a lot of skin, you’ll be surprised to find your innocent looking neighbor with a tattoo larger than yours. That’s how diverse and popular tattoos are today, everyone’s got one. But with all the diversity, […]