Tattoo Aftercare: Taking Care of Your Tattoo

So you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. You’ve done a lot of research and finally got tattoo the design you’ve always wanted. You’ve even visited some tattoo studios and finally picked the tattoo artist to do the job. But have you done or researched on the most important part of getting a tattoo? A lot […]


Choosing The Right Dressing For Your Tattoo

After getting a tattoo there are two main kinds of dressings that an artist will offer you. The first and more common is a cotton dressing while used less often is a plastic wrap. Sometimes an artist will give you the choice to select which wrap you would like while others may simply use what […]


Basic Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork that are permanently embedded into skin. They are made by inserting pigments into the dermis that will later be absorbed by the skin, making it permanent. Every tattoo design whether small or large requires multiple needle stabbings, which is easily done by a tattoo machine to deliver the ink. […]