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How will Covid-19 change the way we get tattooed?

The pandemic has completely changed the way we live and will most likely change the way some businesses are run. As we wait to hear news on re-opening of tattoo studios and permanent make-up clinics we think about how treatments and appointments will change. First, there will be stricter measures than usual. Hand washing, hand […]


Tattoo and Permanent makeup Re-opening news.

Tattoo and Permanent makeup Re-opening news. Tattoo and piercing studios as well as permanent makeup clinics are still closed. So why are these businesses still closed? Hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to reopen as lockdown lifts yet some people are questioning why these businesses cannot re-open? Understandably treatments and services offered in the tattooing […]


Things to consider when deciding on tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is on the rise. People may consider having their tattoos removed when they feel they have limited options to wear certain clothing, when there are work-related requirements, or when they feel self-conscious. Other reasons may include changes in personal preference, changes in lifestyle, or being unhappy with the tattoo changes that may be […]


Avoid cross contamination after getting your tattoo

With everything that is going on at this moment in time, we are all taking extra precautions and being mindful of our day to day activities and interactions. Although we are still going on with our daily lifestyles such as beauty treatments, tattoos, etc, we need to take extra care when it comes to the […]


Invested a lot in a tattoo? Invest in a good aftercare!

Investing in a tattoo is a big decision. After all, tattoos permanent. A lot can go into the decision making of getting your new tattoo. Deciding what design to get, where to get the tattoo, which artist to choose, etc is always important so to take your time to make a decision. There are also […]


Skinful Beauty Pigment Seal for PMU and how it works

  Pigment seal is a product used by cosmetic tattoo artists to help enhance color retention. The product has been received extremely well in the permanent make up industry and continues to gain excellent feedback from artists. Pigment seal is designed to be used by the artist during the cosmetic tattoo treatment hydrate, nourish the […]


Bleeding Tattoos

Having a tattoo is pretty common these days. People don’t mind the painful and bloody process that comes with it. You see them sitting on the chair calmly taking the pain, wincing from time to time and the occasional “ouch”. After that you’ll see a wonderful smile on their faces, happy and satisfied. Surprisingly, panic […]


Why get Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup has evolved over years and with so many treatments offered today it’s not uncommon that more and more of us are having cosmetic tattoos. From eyebrows to areola tattoos. There are many reasons why we want cosmetic tattoos. Permanent Makeup gives that makeup look 24/7. Treatments available include eyebrow, eyeliner, lip tattoos, beauty […]


Thinking about getting a tattoo ? Here’s what to check.

There are a few key things to note. Watch this video by the NHS : Your tattoo artist and shop should be licensed. The licence is issued by the local authority and must be displayed. Check the hygiene and that they are using sterilised equipment. The aftercare is really important. Poor healing can affect your […]