Basic Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo aftercare

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork that are permanently embedded into skin. They are made by inserting pigments into the dermis that will later be absorbed by the skin, making it permanent. Every tattoo design whether small or large requires multiple needle stabbings, which is easily done by a tattoo machine to deliver the ink. This causes a lot of trauma to the skin which need proper care.

A fresh tattoo is considered to be an open wound, but treating a fresh tatto is totally different from your everyday flesh wound. Below are instructions on how to take care of a fresh tattoo.

  1. Before going to the tattoo parlor you will need the following: Antibacterial soap (preferably liquid), cotton towels or lint free paper towels and a tattoo aftercare lotion (Afterinked).
  2. After the tattoo session, ask your artist to wrap your fresh tattoo with a cotton bandage. A cotton bandage help absorb excess ink and blood, but most importantly it allow the wound to breathe which is good for healing. Afterwards, go straight home and do not remove the bandage for two hours.
  3. After two hours, carefully remove the bandage. If it sticks, moisten the bandage with warm water, allow it to soak a bit to loosen any dried blood, and then slowly peel off. Once the bandage is removed, wash thoroughly using your antibacterial soap and make sure to wash off any blood, excess ink and lotion.
  4. Using your cotton or paper towel, pat dry and allow to air dry for a few seconds. Then apply a thin layer your tattoo aftercare lotion. Do not re-bandage

You will notice some clear amber coloured liquid oozing from the tattoo. This is called plasma and this is a part of normal wound healing. When plasma dries, it turns into a thick scab.  We don’t want this in tattoo healing, so it is advisable to wash your tattoo several times until the oozing stops.

In about a week a thin scab will form, this is normal. Keep the scab moist with your tattoo aftercare until it falls off. Congratulation, now your tattoo is ready for display.