Tattoo Aftercare: Taking Care of Your Tattoo

imagesSo you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. You’ve done a lot of research and finally got tattoo the design you’ve always wanted. You’ve even visited some tattoo studios and finally picked the tattoo artist to do the job. But have you done or researched on the most important part of getting a tattoo?

A lot of people don’t know it, but the most critical part of getting a tattoo is tattoo aftercare. Yes, a beautiful tattoo design and a very good artist is important, but once you’ve got your fresh tattoo, if don’t have the proper knowledge to take care of it, then all your efforts will go down the drain. It’s a waste to see a magnificent piece of art go to waste just because of tattoo aftercare negligence.

A tattoo is treated like an open wound, but the care is very different. It may sound complicated, but if you know what you are doing, tattoo aftercare is really not that difficult. Below are some basic tips on proper tattoo aftercare:

First of all, before going to the tattoo parlor, you should have all the things you need to take care of your new tattoo. Doing so will prevent any unwanted contamination from occurring. You will need: a premium tattoo aftercare lotion, cotton towels or lint free paper towels, anti-bacterial soap and antibiotic cream. The latter will only be used if any infections occurs; it is always better to have this cream in case of an infection, but more than often, it will end up in your medicine box – unused.

After the tattoo session, ask your artist to wrap your new tattoo up with a cotton bandage, this material absorbs excess ink and blood while allowing the tattoo to breathe, which helps in the healing process.

Next go straight home and after two hours, carefully remove the bandage. If it sticks, moisten the cotton bandage with warm water to loosen any dried blood. Once the bandage is removed, wash off excess ink and blood with your antibacterial soap. You will also notice a clear amber colored substance oozing out of your tattoo. This is called plasma and will turn into a thick scab if not washed. As we do not want this to happen, wash this thoroughly. Then pat dry, do not rub. Air dry for a few seconds, then apply your tattoo after care lotion. Do not re-bandage.

Repeat this process if you find plasma oozing out of the tattoo as you do not want that plasma drying up, so you will we need to repeatedly wash the tattoo until it stops oozing.

In week or so, your tattoo will form a thin scab which is what you want to happen. At this point, apply the aftercare lotion at least once every few hours so that the scab falls off cleanly and naturally. At this point, voila! Your tattoo should be ready to be shown off for the world to see.