Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

tattoo aftercareSummer is the time where you get to see all kinds of tattoos. With all their shirts off and exposing a lot of skin, you’ll be surprised to find your innocent looking neighbor with a tattoo larger than yours. That’s how diverse and popular tattoos are today, everyone’s got one.

But with all the diversity, you will also find some faded, imperfect designs and even large scars on some tattoos that really need some touching up. Unfortunately, these fellas will have to go through the whole process again. Surprisingly, tattoo studios claim that about half of their clients end up asking for an appointment for a touch up. So, are people being missed informed on proper tattoo aftercare? Below is your basic tattoo aftercare instructions:

  1. Before going to the tattoo studio you need to buy some stuff to take care of your tattoo. You will need: cotton towels or lint free paper towels, anti bacterial soap and a premium tattoo aftercare lotion. Do not buy products that are not intended for tattoo aftercare like nappy lotions.
  2. Once you’ve got your fresh tattoo, ask your artist to wrap it up using cotton gauze. The gauze will absorb excess ink and blood, allowing the tattoo to breathe, which is good for tattoo healing. Then go straight home. Do not touch your tattoo while out doors or going home, do not show-off your tattoo to friends, relatives, etc. not even a peak, go straight home and don’t touch it.
  3. Once home, wait for 2 hours before removing the bandage. Be careful when removing the bandage, if it sticks, moisten it to loosen any dried blood or ink.
  4.  Wash thoroughly with warm water using antibacterial soap. Make sure to wash off any dried blood and excess ink. You will also notice a clear amber colour fluid oozing out the tattoo, this is called plasma. When plasma dries it turns into a thick scab, which is normal in wound healing, but we do not want this in tattoo aftercare, so wash it off.
  5. After washing pat dry with your cotton or lint free towel. Do not rub. Allow to air dry, then apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare lotion.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until plasma stops oozing.
  7. After a week a think scab will form, this is normal. Continue to apply aftercare lotion to keep the scab moist. Wait for the scab to fall off, after that your new tattoo is ready for display.