Tattoo Aftercare: The Use Of Plastic Wrap On Fresh Tattoo

The use of plastic wrap to cover a fresh tattoo seems to be the preferred choice of most tattoo enthusiast today. This way they can easily show the whole image, even if it was a large tattoo. Unlike the classic cotton bandage where you have to peel it off to take a peek. Unfortunately, this […]


Tattoo Aftercare – The Right Way

Everyone is into tattoos nowadays. These beautiful works of art are not just for eyes to see, they can be used to express oneself,or they can be a constant reminder of past memories and experiences. Now, you maybe excited to get your own tattoo, but before going to a tattoo studio, please be reminded that […]


Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Summer is the time where you get to see all kinds of tattoos. With all their shirts off and exposing a lot of skin, you’ll be surprised to find your innocent looking neighbor with a tattoo larger than yours. That’s how diverse and popular tattoos are today, everyone’s got one. But with all the diversity, […]