Tattoo Artist Nowadays Make Wonderful Tattoos

Tattoos are beautiful works of art. Whether they are tiny or large, these permanently marked illustrations give joy to the bearer. Some individuals love getting a tattoo so much, they literally fill their whole body with ink. Well who can blame them? Tattoo art nowadays are beautifully made, you wouldn’t believe the intricate designs with […]


Don’t Let Your Job Stop You From Getting a Tattoo

Dermatologist, plastic surgeons and tattoo removal parlors are seeing more and more of patients who want their tattoo removed. You may think that these people are regretting their tattoos, but the majority of these patients are having their tattoo removed due to employment. Tattoos nowadays are extremely popular and everyone is getting a tattoo or […]


New Tattoo For Harry Styles – It’s A Butterfly This Time!!!

Harry Styles got a new tattoo! Just when we thought Harry had no more room for another tattoo, the One Direction singer has yet again proven us all wrong, this time getting a tattoo of a large butterfly on his lower chest area. London based tattoo artist Liam Sparkes took a snap shot of the […]