Tattoo Aftercare: The Basics Of Taking Care Of a Fresh Tattoo

So you just got a fresh tattoo and it’s your first. After all the time you spent choosing or inking the design and after the pain you went through, the whole tattoo process has finally paid off. Now you are a proud owner of a beautifully made tattoo. But does the tattoo process end there? […]


Reason Why You Should Save For A Tattoo

A tattoo is a piece of artwork that is permanently inked onto the skin as a way of expressing yourself. In the old days, tattoos had a negative connotation because they were commonly seen on gangsters, convicts and bikers. These days tattoos have become super popular, walk down any street and you’ll find people with […]


New Tattoo For Harry Styles – It’s A Butterfly This Time!!!

Harry Styles got a new tattoo! Just when we thought Harry had no more room for another tattoo, the One Direction singer has yet again proven us all wrong, this time getting a tattoo of a large butterfly on his lower chest area. London based tattoo artist Liam Sparkes took a snap shot of the […]