New Tattoo For Harry Styles – It’s A Butterfly This Time!!!

new tattooHarry Styles got a new tattoo! Just when we thought Harry had no more room for another tattoo, the One Direction singer has yet again proven us all wrong, this time getting a tattoo of a large butterfly on his lower chest area.

London based tattoo artist Liam Sparkes took a snap shot of the freshly made tattoo and it instantly went viral after posting on a popular social media website. Though you will find that Harry’s face is not visible, a little investigative work will show you that it is the One Direction singer. Over to the left side of the image, you will find a small portion of the ship Harry got with his ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. Also, at the top of the ship is a pointy solid black image which appears to be the heart tattoo. Proof that it is indeed Harry.

So what’s up with the butterfly tattoo? Well, the “that’s what makes you beautiful” singer haven’t revealed the tattoo himself and Harry doesn’t really talk much about his tattoos. So it’s up to us to do the guessing.

A butterfly tattoo can symbolize a lot of things: many women get this type of tattoo because a butterfly can symbolize the crossing between a young girl to a lovely mature woman, just like when an ugly, hairy caterpillar transform into a beautiful multicolored butterfly. Or maybe for Harry, a butterfly also symbolizes new beginnings. Could the butterfly tattoo be related his split up with Taylor Swift, starting a new life maybe? Well, that remains a mystery.

The 1D singer is a fan of the tattoo world; just like Justin Beiber, always up and ready for a new tat. Presently, Harry have a lot of tattoos: a star, a spooky ship, a heart, some text and a lot more and probably more to come.