Don’t Let Your Job Stop You From Getting a Tattoo

6a00d83451e37169e200e54f6f646e8833-800wiDermatologist, plastic surgeons and tattoo removal parlors are seeing more and more of patients who want their tattoo removed. You may think that these people are regretting their tattoos, but the majority of these patients are having their tattoo removed due to employment.

Tattoos nowadays are extremely popular and everyone is getting a tattoo or two. But the big problem is a lot of youngsters never thought that getting these beautiful tattoos would cause them employment problems.

But not to worry, not all employers need you skin to be “clean”. The truth is, even professionals like lawyers and even doctors have a few tattoos up their sleeves.  Below are some tips on how to keep your lovely tattoo and nail whatever white collared job you want:

Keep It Hidden

During an interview, most employers will give you the “call you back” when they find an exposed tattoo. If they don’t find any obvious tatt, your employer will ask you anyway. Now you could lie or tell the truth or not, but you will find that a lot of employers are fine with tattoos as long as they are hidden. So if you’re planning on getting a tattoo, make sure that it is well hidden.

Exposed Tattoo?

Now if you have an exposed tattoo like in your arm, neck area or any place where a tattoo can be seen with ordinary clothing. The best solution for this is cover it up, when your working. If you have a half or full sleeve tattoo, then wear long sleeves when you go to work. If you have a neck tattoo, use a turtle neck. It’s all up to you as long as you can cover it up. But be warned, you will be using these outfits during work forever, so think twice before getting these types of tattoos.

Small is good

Small tattoos even when exposed are good because they can easily be concealed with makeup, just make sure to use those water proof types.