Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

These days, everyone is getting a tattoo. Walk along your neighborhood and you’ll find more people with tattoos than those who don’t, and you’re not even sure if they don’t have any tattoo’s because they might be hidden. So, if you’re opting to get a tattoo and it’s for first time getting one, there are […]


Reason Why You Should Save For A Tattoo

A tattoo is a piece of artwork that is permanently inked onto the skin as a way of expressing yourself. In the old days, tattoos had a negative connotation because they were commonly seen on gangsters, convicts and bikers. These days tattoos have become super popular, walk down any street and you’ll find people with […]


Tattoo Aftercare: Important Tips Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Is this your first time getting a tattoo? So you’ve got your design ready and picked out the tattoo artist to do the job. And the only thing that worries you is the pain of the hundreds of needle pricks you will have to endure during the process. But wait, have you studied or at […]