Tattoo Aftercare: Important Tips Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Is this your first time getting a tattoo? So you’ve got your design ready and picked out the tattoo artist to do the job. And the only thing that worries you is the pain of the hundreds of needle pricks you will have to endure during the process. But wait, have you studied or at […]


Tattoo Aftercare: Two Important Factors Before Getting a New Tattoo

A lot of folks take pride and joy in their tattoos. These works of art are simple ways to express oneself; they can be used as a reminder of past experiences, some tattoos can also symbolize protection or they can be images you just really like. However, every tattoo enthusiast should know that tattoo aftercare […]


Proper Tattoo Aftercare For Beautiful Tattoo Results

So you’re finally getting a tattoo. You’ve already got the tattoo design that you’ve always wanted and even looked around for the best tattoo artist to do the job. But have you considered researching on tattoo aftercare? Sad to say but most of us ignore or belittle the most important step of the tattoo process, […]