Simple Tips to Prevent Tattoo Regret

Tattoos these days are extremely popular, a lot of people get one and then come back for more. Even under aged teenagers can’t wait to get a tattoo. What used to be seen as a form of rebellion is now a very well accepted form of body art. Well, who can blame them, tattoos these […]


Tattoo Aftercare: Important Tips Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Is this your first time getting a tattoo? So you’ve got your design ready and picked out the tattoo artist to do the job. And the only thing that worries you is the pain of the hundreds of needle pricks you will have to endure during the process. But wait, have you studied or at […]


How About A Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs are amazing works of art, but their origins are a bit difficult to determine. Throughout history, tribal tattoos have been used to enhance, decorate and modify both men’s and women’s skin. Today, this type of inking are simple ways to express personal freedom and showing creativity. In the past, many tribal tattoos […]