How About A Tribal Tattoo

tribal tattooTribal tattoo designs are amazing works of art, but their origins are a bit difficult to determine. Throughout history, tribal tattoos have been used to enhance, decorate and modify both men’s and women’s skin. Today, this type of inking are simple ways to express personal freedom and showing creativity.

In the past, many tribal tattoos are traditionally used to mark clan members or communities. Different tattoo designs may signify status or rank. By looking at the tribesman’s markings; one can identify the chieftain, the high priest or shaman, or soldiers with scary warrior tattoos for intimidation.

In Aftrica, tattoo designs came from the shapes of plants, animals, stars, spirits and their ancestry. Other culture designs are Eskimo totems, Aztec sun clocks and Native American symbols. Most tribal designs are made in black and gray ink, but colored designs are also getting popular. They come in all sizes from a tiny symbols to very large totem design that can occupy your whole arm.

Tribal tattoos we see nowadays don’t use the original tribal designs; the styles are similar but lack the original belief. Typically, the designs contain swirls, loops, crescents, and sharp edges that intersect each other. Usually tribal tattoos are symmetrically drawn, making them fairly easy to draw. Celebrities love these simple but eye catching designs, quite a few have one or two.

Usually, the most common placement of a tribal tattoo is at the arm or ankle. Other areas are at the neck or back. Originally, some cultures surround their whole body with very intricate tattoos. Facial tribal tattoos are popular among tribes men in New Zealand which was use to scare off foreign invaders. Brazil also use facial tattoos.

Also, tribal tattoos are wonderful for anyone who plans to get their first tattoo, because you can’t go wrong with the design, they are just simple and beautiful.