Proper Tattoo Aftercare For Beautiful Tattoo Results

tattoo aftercareSo you’re finally getting a tattoo. You’ve already got the tattoo design that you’ve always wanted and even looked around for the best tattoo artist to do the job. But have you considered researching on tattoo aftercare?

Sad to say but most of us ignore or belittle the most important step of the tattoo process, which is tattoo aftercare. Tattoo studios say that almost half of their clients call for an appointment to get a touch up, mainly because of improper wound healing. So, it also important to learn and understand the basics of tattoo aftercare, which will be discussed below.

Before going to the tattoo parlor, you should have the following: antibacterial soap (liquid is preferred), cotton towels or lint free paper towels and a premium tattoo aftercare lotion like afterinked.

Once you’ve got your fresh tattoo, ask your artist to wrap it with cotton gauze. Cotton gauze absorbs excess ink and blood, and it allows the fresh tattoo to breath. After wrapping, go straight home and wait for two hours before removing the bandage. Do not show off your fresh tattoo, as it is very prone to infection at this time.

Be careful when removing the bandage. When it sticks due to dried up blood, moisten the gauze with warm water to loosen it up. Once the bandage is removed, thoroughly wash with your antibacterial soap. Wash everything: excess ink, blood and left over cream until your skin feels smooth and not slippery. Then pat dry with cotton or paper towels, do not rub and air dry.

Then apply a thin layer of Afterinked premium tattoo aftercare lotion. Afterinked contain grape seed oil which is rich in antioxidants that help in the healing process and it’s also a very effective moisturizer, preventing the tattoo from drying up and forming a hard scab.

After applying the lotion, do not re-bandage. You will notice an amber coloured fluid oozing from the tattoo. This is called plasma and this is a normal part of wound healing. But when this plasma dries, it turns into a hard and thick scab, which we don’t want in tattoo healing. So wash this off often until the oozing stops.

In a few days a thin scab will form, this is normal and continued use of tattoo aftercare is important in keeping this scab soft and moist. Later on the scab will fall off and your new tattoo is ready for display