Advantages of Having a Custom Tattoo Design

When it comes to choosing the tattoo design that you will permanently proclaim on your skin, you should give it much thought. This should mean a thorough search for the perfect image that you will be happy to wear until the end of your life. A custom tattoo design will offer you a multitude of […]


Ways To Avoid Tattoo Regret

Almost everyone is getting a tattoo nowadays, it has become so popular it’s impossible not to spot a person with a tattoo when you go to the park or mall. Even teenagers are trying to get one. But do you really like the permanent art work labeled on your skin? According to a British survey, […]


Land A Job Even With A Great Looking Tattoo

Nowadays getting a tattoo is so hot, it burns. Almost everyone got a great looking tattoo inked somewhere in their body. Also, tattoo parlors are popping up everywhere. But be warned, your beloved tattoo could be the reason for you not getting a job. A lot of people with tattoos are complaining that it has […]


Contradications About Tattoo Removal That You Should Know

Not everyone can undergo tattoo removal. If you have reached a point where you are sure that you finally want to have your ink erased, then you should know about tattoo removal contraindications before proceeding. First of all, if the area of you tattoo is inflamed, injured, or sunburned, delay the procedure until such time […]


Tips On Getting A Unique Tattoo Design

Getting a custom made tattoo design that looks great and uniquely one a kind is something that you’ll show off proudly with friends. It would be really frustrating if you have a common tattoo design that permanently inked somewhere in your body, right? It seems that getting a one a kind tattoo design is becoming […]


It Is Best To Learn About Tattoo Aftercare Before Getting One

Nowadays, getting a tattoo is so popular; teenagers are having a difficult time asking for a tattoo approval from their parents. Of course some just go ahead and get one. But remind you, being a young fellow, you got to be responsible for taking care of your new tattoo, once your inked. There are very […]


Tattoo Aftercare Tips: Tattoo Maintenance

You’ve finally got a tattoo that you very much wanted. After all the tattoo design research, finding the right tattoo artist, proper knowledge of tattoo aftercare and of course, saving up some money for the stuff.  Your new body art is looking vibrant and beautiful as ever. So is that it? Does tattoo aftercare ends […]


Justin Bieber Got a New Tattoo! In case you don’t know, another pop celebrity got a new tattoo. We all heard and saw the gun shaped Egyptian hieroglyphic falcon of Rihanna, which is nicely inked on her left knee, by a fella called Bang Bang, a tattoo artist from New York who made most of […]


What are Tattoo Inks Made Of?

Tattoo inks are substances that are placed underneath the skin by the tattoo machine to be able to do a simple but permanent body modification. Technically, tattoo ink isn’t really ink. In reality, tattoo ink is made of pigments made of metal salts and even plastics. These dry pigments are then mixed with a carrier […]