Tattoo Aftercare Tips: Tattoo Maintenance

Tattoo aftercare

You’ve finally got a tattoo that you very much wanted. After all the tattoo design research, finding the right tattoo artist, proper knowledge of tattoo aftercare and of course, saving up some money for the stuff.  Your new body art is looking vibrant and beautiful as ever.

So is that it? Does tattoo aftercare ends after your new tattoo has completely healed?

Absolutely not, to keep your tattoo looking sharp and vibrant, you must know that you should add one more step of your daily self care routine and that’s your tattoo maintenance. It your responsibility in keeping your tattoo looking brand new, and daily tattoo care maintenance is the key.

Does maintain a tattoo difficult and labour intensive?  No it isn’t, and its absolutely easy to do. Below are a few tips in maintaining you tattoos luster.

  1. Use a premium tattoo aftercare lotion. You may be wondering: why an aftercare lotion? My tattoo has completely healed. Well, premium tattoo aftercare lotion, especially the vigan types that contain grape seed oil are great in moisturizing the skin. Moisturizing your tattoo daily keeps the skin healthy.
  2. Use sunblock. When going outdoors, don’t forget to apply sun block on your tattoo and if possible,  get the highest SPF you can afford. The sun is the number one enemy of your tattoo. The ultra violet rays  can fade the colour pigments making your multicoloured tattoo fade easily. This is the reason why motorcycle riders got fade out tattoos.
  3. Avoid swimming in pools for long periods. The chlorine contained in these pools can fade out the colours.

Use premium tattoo aftercare lotion daily. Apply it before going to work, let it dry a bid, and then add sun block. Apply again aftercare lotion again before going to bed.  No need to apply sunblock if your going to stay indoors.

That’s it. Really simple, right?