Land A Job Even With A Great Looking Tattoo

Great Looking TattooNowadays getting a tattoo is so hot, it burns. Almost everyone got a great looking tattoo inked somewhere in their body. Also, tattoo parlors are popping up everywhere. But be warned, your beloved tattoo could be the reason for you not getting a job.

A lot of people with tattoos are complaining that it has been difficult to get a job because of their tattoo. Many have gone to through their 2nd or 3rd interview; moments before getting employed, then later get the “sorry, we feel you don’t fit the position” call after learning about having a tattoo.

The fact is, most companies have a tattoo policy because they see the body art as unprofessional. You may say that this is unfair or it’s discriminating, but this is company policy and it’s probably been their long before you got your tattoo.

But here’s the good news. Most companies do not tolerate exposed tattoos, especially on the arms, leg, neck or any exposed area. Hidden tattoos are accepted. Admit, that you have a tattoo but is well hidden, then everything is fine. This is an exception when it comes to the health sector.  If you thinking of being a doctor, nurse, medical technician or anything health related, then you should never get a tattoo, just be absolutely sure.

There is nothing wrong with having or getting a tattoo. The truth is, you can have as many as you want, even a full body tattoo if you will, just limit it keep it up to your sleeves and neck line,  as long as you can keep it hidden, that’s fine.

And that’s all to it, keep the tattoos well hidden and employment will be no problem. Employers don’t care how big or small you art is under your shirt. Just remember to think before getting inked, hidden tattoos are employer friendly and exposed ones are not.