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Justin Bieber Got a New Tattoo!

In case you don’t know, another pop celebrity got a new tattoo. We all heard and saw the gun shaped Egyptian hieroglyphic falcon of Rihanna, which is nicely inked on her left knee, by a fella called Bang Bang, a tattoo artist from New York who made most of Rihanna’s tattoos.

Justin Bieber, who just turned 18 years old and now legally can get his skin inked. The tattoo by the way is totally dedicated to his new album “Believe”. So what type of artwork did Justin got on his left inner forearm? Is it some sort of animal? Is it tribal? Is it new artistry that is long thought of and discussed with the tattoo artist? You wouldn’t believe this but, he got his new album “Believe” permanently etched there.

And why did he get a tattoo like that? According to the pop star, who was a guest of David Letterman in The Late Show “it’s a way of expressing oneself”.