The Subtlety of a White Tattoo and Aftercare

Everyone is more that familiar with the traditional tattoo – a vivid design often times using multiple colours in a display of beauty. But a new type of tattoo ink is quickly becoming used more frequently – white ink. As the name suuggests, these tattoos are far more subtle and possibly are more practical for […]


Tattoo Cover Ups and Tattoo Removal

So the worst has happened and you have gotten a tattoo that you absolutely despise. Perhaps it was due to your own negligence and not caring for your new tattoo properly, which consequently led to the discolouration of your tattoo. Maybe you went to an artist that wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Or […]


Ways to Care for New Piercings

Like tattoos, piercings are fresh wounds that need to be cared for to avoid infection. The last thing that anybody would want to happen is for their piercing to get either infected or close entirely. Some of the biggest mistakes people make are: Piercing the hole (usually their ear) by themselves: No matter how simple […]