Tattoo Cover Ups and Removing Tattoos

tca-tattoo-removalSo the worst has happened and you have gotten a tattoo that you absolutely despise. Perhaps it was due to your negligence in the aftercare process which consequently led to the discoloration of your tattoo. Maybe you went to an artist that wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Or maybe you had a wild night and woke up in the morning with a tattoo you would rather not speak of. In any case, you’re in luck because tattoos can now be removed or covered up completely!

The cheaper and usually more favourable option is a tattoo cover up. It’s quite simple in the sense that all you need to do is get another tattooist to tattoo over your previous one in a design that would be more appealing. Luckily, most cases of tattoo cover ups are because the tattoo and look more like a doodle as opposed to a beautiful piece of art. This is better for the cover up process as it makes the old tattoo much easier to incorporate into something newer.

Some people believe that because the old tattoo had already set in that the aftercare process is not as important. This is completely false. The new tattoo will open up a wound just as the first one did and if you choose to neglect the aftercare process then you may end up right back where you started.

In the event that you want your tattoo removed altogether, then you may have to incur a pretty hefty cost as well as deal with some pain and potential scarring. Depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo the price of this removal could be anywhere from £500-£2000. You will have to go to repeated sessions in which a technician uses a fine laser to break up the ink particles in your tattoo as so that your body can naturally remove them. However, this process can be quite painful and you may therefore want to look into it more before making a decision.

Even if you do get this process, aftercare is still paramount. Due to the fact that the laser is penetrating various layers of your skin, you may experience irritation among a variety of other symptoms. Although the aftercare lotion isn’t the same as after getting a tattoo, failure to use the required aftercare products could lead to some unsightly scarring.

Hopefully you can avoid any of these problems. Most people luckily don’t ever have to deal with them because they are responsible with regards to following the standard tattoo procedure, and more importantly in applying the aftercare. Here at Afterinked we ensure that  we use the best quality ingredients in our aftercare products to guarantee that your tattoo heals the way it should and looks beautiful for all to see.