The Subtlety of a White Tattoo and Aftercare

63bf464cd8ad80e1cb8f2de65912e41aEveryone is more that familiar with the traditional tattoo – a vivid design often times using multiple colours in a display of beauty. But a new type of tattoo ink is quickly becoming used more frequently – white ink. As the name suuggests, these tattoos are far more subtle and possibly are more practical for people who want tattoos but prefer them to be harder to see. There are distinct differences between white tattoos are traditional dark ones.

White tattoos use white ink which is much harder to see than traditional tattoo ink. Due to the understated nature of white ink, an artist will have to trace over the design multiple times as white ink is less easily absorbed by the skin. As one can imagine, this makes the job of using white ink quite difficult and should only be done by those who have experience using it. To make this process easier, some artists use a stencil when tattooing with white ink. However, the artist must ensure that none of the ink that is on the stencil gets mixed in with the white ink they use or else they run the risk of dulling the tattoo.

Particularly for people with a darker skin tone, white tattoos may even more difficult to get, and in some instances impossible, as darker skin is less likely to absorb white ink. Equally, there are a variety of precautions one must take before getting a white tattoo. White ink is more likely to cause adverse skin reactions due to its thin nature. You should research the products used in white tattoo ink prior to getting it to be safe.

Additionally, white tattoos are better done in places that are not constantly exposed to direct sunlight. The sun can dull the look of a white tattoo over time, and one should equally be aware of common household chemicals such as bleach that could also damage the tattoo.

If you are an artist who uses or wants to use white ink, we recommend using the Afterinked ink seal to ensure that the actual tattoo process is free of complications. If you have just gotten a white tattoo or are thinking of getting one, the aftercare process is especially important for these tattoos. As they are already so subtle, even a slight bit of scarring cam mess up the entire tattoo. Bearing this in mind, you have to be sure that you use the proper aftercare products and ensure that your tattoo is well maintained.