Tips On Getting A Unique Tattoo Design

Getting a custom made tattoo design that looks great and uniquely one a kind is something that you’ll show off proudly with friends. It would be really frustrating if you have a common tattoo design that permanently inked somewhere in your body, right? It seems that getting a one a kind tattoo design is becoming […]


It Is Best To Learn About Tattoo Aftercare Before Getting One

Nowadays, getting a tattoo is so popular; teenagers are having a difficult time asking for a tattoo approval from their parents. Of course some just go ahead and get one. But remind you, being a young fellow, you got to be responsible for taking care of your new tattoo, once your inked. There are very […]


Tattoo Aftercare Tips: Tattoo Maintenance

You’ve finally got a tattoo that you very much wanted. After all the tattoo design research, finding the right tattoo artist, proper knowledge of tattoo aftercare and of course, saving up some money for the stuff.  Your new body art is looking vibrant and beautiful as ever. So is that it? Does tattoo aftercare ends […]


Justin Bieber Got a New Tattoo! In case you don’t know, another pop celebrity got a new tattoo. We all heard and saw the gun shaped Egyptian hieroglyphic falcon of Rihanna, which is nicely inked on her left knee, by a fella called Bang Bang, a tattoo artist from New York who made most of […]


What are Tattoo Inks Made Of?

Tattoo inks are substances that are placed underneath the skin by the tattoo machine to be able to do a simple but permanent body modification. Technically, tattoo ink isn’t really ink. In reality, tattoo ink is made of pigments made of metal salts and even plastics. These dry pigments are then mixed with a carrier […]


Rihanna Shows Off Her New Tattoo

Rihanna got a new tattoo!  As she proudly shows off her new tattoo which looks like gun shaped Egyptian falcon, to thousands of her online fans. The new ink is on her right knee. She explains: “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never closes their eyes during sleep.” Rihanna’s new tattoo was made […]


Medical Tattoos – What They Are and Why They Are a Growing Trend

Tattoos are not only a means of self expression, body art, decoration, or cultural significance. Now tattoos are also utilized for medical purposes. Recently, medical tattoos are trending. What are medical tattoos? A medical tattoo is essentially the same as any other body ink except for its purpose. A medical alert tattoo is used to […]


Japanese Kanji Tattoos and Why They Are One of The Popular Tattoo Designs

The Japanese Kanji Tattoos are among the popular tattoo designs. These Japanese symbols were actually adopted from Chinese characters or hanzi. The scripts first came to Japan centuries ago because they were embedded in mirrors, coins, vases, and other decorative items from China. This has evolved over time and today, there are noteworthy differences in […]


The Meaning Behind Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi, or more specifically nishikigoi, is a variety of carp that are kept because of their beautiful colors and designs, that’s why they’re great for tattoos – Koi fish tattoos. Koi fish are usually seen in outdoor ponds, water gardens, and open-air aquariums. The Koi varieties can be very expensive, depending on their combination of […]