Word Tattoos and Tattoo Quotes

word tattoosWhile tattoos involving pictures and symbols are more common, word tattoos or tattoo quotes have become popular. In contrast to traditional tattoo designs that are used as representations, words convey meaning directly.

These can be simple one word tattoos. Some popular words used for tattoos are love, courage, joy, faith, hope, truth, legend, life, live, freedom, believe, dream, imagine, inspire, glory, and god. Birth signs or horoscopes are also commonly used such as Virgo, Gemini, and the like.

Sometimes, one word tattoos are not enough to put across a message. Tattoo quotes and short phrases are often chosen for their inspirational or motivational purpose. Some famous quotes used for tattoos are:

  • Anything is possible
  • It’s never too late
  • Never stop dreaming
  • Life goes on
  • The time is now
  • Success is the best revenge

A quote from a favourite movie or book are also used such as show me the money, here’s looking at you kid, with great power comes great responsibility, reach for the sky, be the change that you want to see in the world, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, and many more.

Phrases in languages other than English are also used. Examples of Latin phrases are vive ut vivas which means live so that you may live, temet nosce which means know thyself, and veritas lux mea which means truth is my light.

The increasing popularity of word tattoos is probably because of the accuracy in expressing a thought or message. But before getting quote tattoos or word tattoos, there are also things to consider.

The script should be easy to read and must be done by a reputable tattoo artist. Choose a tattoo artist that specialises in tattoo lettering instead of drawing. The print must not be spaced too close together as this may turn out to be a blob of ink in later years.  Have the quote tattoos or word tattoos in parts of the body that will have the least change over the years such as the ankles, lower back, inner wrists, down the spine, shoulder, and neck.