Women Got More Tattoos Than Men

more tattoosAccording to survey done by a network television show called “Best Ink” with Lightspeed Research: 41% of men have a tattoo while women got more tattoos at 59%. This is surprising because the general public always thought that men are more likely to got a tattoo, compared to women. With the growing popularity of getting a tattoo nowadays, it is obvious that more girls are visiting tattoo parlors.

The majority of women get a tattoo that is meaningful for them before they get inked. It is common to find women getting a tattoo with others, making the experience more memorable, a good topic to talk about as they come of age.

On the same survey, 89% of women do not care what other people think about their tattoo. They usually don’t seek approval from a design they want inked on them, if they want it, they get it. At one time, a women wanted to tattoo the words “DRAKE” on her forehead, obviously a Dr. Drake fan and the tattoo artist, whom is quite famous, tried to convince her not to. In the end, she got her tattoo and whether she’s keeping it or not, it’s really up to her. Her attitude changed by the way according to the artist after the session and was wondering if she’ll be back for the tattoo fill.

Probably one good reason why there are more women with tattoo compared to men is that females are better when it comes to tolerating pain. Our mothers would say if men had to go through the excruciating pain of childbirth, the human race would have been extinct centuries ago.

Though the survey is quite surprising, it really doesn’t matter who got more or less tattoo. What really matters is, we get to enjoy and share our own simple works of art.