Where to Put Your Tattoo Design

tattoo design

You may have given a lot of thought on choosing a design for tattoo. But equally important as the tattoo design is the tattoo placement. Where to place your tattoo is really a matter of personal preference but on the other hand, there are also some considerations when choosing where to place your tat.

If you are concerned about how much it will hurt, this basically rests on your pain threshold. As a general rule, this will depend on the thickness of the skin in the area, how close it is to the bone, and the amount of nerve endings in the area. So generally, the most painful areas are the chest, ribcage, spine, inside of wrist, lips, ankle, and “down under”. The least painful areas are those with thick skin, fat, or muscle and away from nerve endings and bones. These include the buttocks, shoulder, thigh, upper arm, lower arm, upper back, and lower back.

In choosing where to put your tattoo design, think about any special requirements or restrictions. Some jobs or employers do not allow visible tattoos so this may be a consideration. Also, you may want to have a tattoo but would not want to have everyone see it all the time. Your usual wardrobe will likely cover your hips, ribs, abdomen, upper thighs, and upper arms. These are good places to put the tattoo if you want it hidden. If you want a semi hidden tattoo design, you can choose the calves, inside of the wrist, inside of the upper arm, or the back of the neck if you are a woman.

The size of the tattoo is an obvious consideration. You can place small tattoos anywhere but a larger tattoo design would of course require wider and flatter body parts such as the back and the abdomen.

Highly visible tattoos get a lot of exposure to ultraviolet rays and may cause the tattoo to fade faster.

One last thing, do not follow tattoo placement trends just because of their popularity. The rules of fashion are constantly changing and you would not want to be stuck with a tacky tattoo design or position.