What You Need to Know About Yantra Tattoo

220px-Sak-yant-gow-yordYantra tattoo originated from countries like Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Also called sak yant, this form of tattooing is usually done by Buddhist monks and magic practitioners. Bamboo sticks with sharpened points or metal spikes are traditionally used. By far, Thailand is the country with the highest number of devotees.

The yantra tattoo design is chosen by the wise monk and not the person getting the tattoo. Even the placement of the tattoo is determined by the monk. The monk reads the aura of the person and then decides on the tattoo design and tattoo placement in the body. The yantra uses a unique symbology. It is ancient Cambodian script, also known as Khom.

The yantra tattoo is believed to bestow mystical or magical powers. It is also supposed to bring good luck and protection. However, there are certain rules must supposedly be observed to guarantee that the protection will work and that no physical harm can come to the bearer. If the rules are not followed, the tattoo is said to be powerless.

The rules vary with each sak yant master. Some of these are:

1. Do not speak unfavorably of your master or your parents

2. Do not commit evil deeds.

3. Do not compete with the other devotees of your master.

4. Do not take alcohol or drugs.

5. Do not be unfaithful to your spouse.

6. Do not lie.

7. Do not be greedy and excessive.

8. Do not kill.

9. Do not steal.

10. Do not eat food donated to spirits.

11. Speak well of all Gods.

There are offerings to be made and usually consist of flowers, candles, incense, and a pack of menthol cigarettes. Yes – cigarettes. These are then usually recycled to be sold again at the temple’s entrance. The tattooing process is quick, usually completed in ten to fifteen minutes. Proper breathing and mediation techniques are supposed to lessen the pain. Before getting a yantra or sak yant tattoo, you must understand that the process does not meet the western standards of tattooing. Although the bamboo does get sterilized with rubbing alcohol, this may not be enough and there will still be health risks involved. Despite this, yantra tattoos continue to be trendy and probably the most popular person with a yantra tattoo is Angelina Jolie. She had a Cambodian script tattooed on her left shoulder during one of her trips to Thailand.