What Are Fluorescent Tattoos?

Fluorescent tattoosFluorescent tattoos or UV tattoos are unique tattoos because they can only be seen on when exposed to ultraviolet light. What’s great about them is they glow really bright under backlight, it’s like having LEDs on your skin. These types of tattoos are popular among people who want a inconspicuous or subtle tattoo.

Getting Fluorescent tattoos and its tattoo aftercare is exactly similar to your regular tattoo, the only difference is the ink they use. The special Fluorescent ink is made of a phosphorescent material that glows when exposed to light, similar to your glow in the dark toys and paints. Although the tattoos are said to be invisible, there are instances that scarring occurs because of improper tattoo care, hence the tattoo still show. But if you want a tattoo that can be seen like your regular tattoo and also glows like a Flourecent tattoo, then go for a coloured fluorescent tattoo. Coloured fluorescent inks are also available and the tattoo can be seen under normal light, but under UV light, the brightness of the coloured fluorescent tattoos are spectacular.

Fluorescent tattoo ink, like any other ink used in the tattoo industry have not been approved for safety. But this ink in particular is more likely to irritate the skin, some UV are said to be carcinogenic. In some cases the body will totally reject the ink and will actually push the ink through the skin. But recent improvements in the formulation of UV inks have lessen the occurrence of allergic reactions and ink rejection.

If you’re opting for a Fluorescent tattoo, you better save up a little more because they cost double. Also you have to be very good in your tattoo aftercare because UV tattoos take longer to heal, they scab and flake a lot more, and they itch like hell, compared to your regular tattoo.