Ways To Keep Your Tattoo Design Brilliant

A tattoo design is a form of body alteration or modification an made on the skin with the use of indelible ink. With the use of a needle, the ink is injected into the dermis to change the pigment or color of the skin to make various and beautiful works of art.

Like all other art work, there are of course, maintenance practices to keep any piece of art brilliant and beautiful. In this case, a tattoo needs routine maintenance work to keep it from fading. Below are simple tips to keep your tattoo looking crisp and brilliant.

  1. To keep the colours from fading; the number one enemy of a tattoo is the sun. Always protect your tattoo by applying sunscreen daily before leaving your home. Wearing a shirt over the tattoo won’t do the trick because ultra violet light can pass through clothing. Re apply sunscreen when needed.
  2. In the end of the day, it a good idea to wash all the sunscreen lotion off with a moisturizing body wash. Getting all that oils and dirt is good for your tattoo.
  3. After washing, use a special moisturizer specially made for tattoos. Use only premium tattoo aftercare that contains grape seed oil for best results. Grape seed oil is not only great for moisturizing the skin, it is also an antioxidant, an excellent in slowing down skin ageing.

Over all, taking care of your tattoo is basically taking care of your skin. Keeping your tattoo away from the sun and constantly keeping the skin moisturized is the technique. It’s not that difficult really.


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