Thinking About Getting A Dragon Tattoo?

meaning-of-dragon-tattoo-burbrujita-meaning-of-dragon-tattoos-12361The dragon is a beautiful mystical creature, full of symbolism and meaning to different cultures and nationalities. It is probably the most popular among magical creatures. Not only is it popular among artist, a lot of people also love getting dragon tattoos. You will find that some people will fill their whole body with one large dragon tattoo.

So what is a dragon tattoo? What does it symbolize? And why is it so popular?

In English, the work “dragon” came from the Greek ”drákōn” which means “serpent, giant seafish”. Dragons in general are serpentine or reptilian looking mystical creatures, that consumes earth and have a sparking tongue to ignite the gaseous air they breathe out; hence, the fire breathing dragon. This is just one type of dragon and there are many others.

Culturally there are two types of dragons: In western culture, the dragon symbolizes destruction, evil, guardians of evil relics and the gate keepers of hell. While Eastern dragons on the other had symbolizes good fortune, protectors that ward of bad fortune, evil and sickness. For this reason, many Japanese and Chinese fill their bodies with dragon tattoos.

Of course, a lot of people focus more on the good side of dragon symbolism and many westerners also love getting dragon tattoos. Typically, men get dragon tattoos because of the strength, courage, sheer brute force and power dragons can muster and also the protection it represents. A lot of men feel empowered just by having a dragon permanently inked on their body. Women go for dragon tattoos because of their wisdom and protective symbolism.

Dragon tattoos are usually inked at large areas of the body like the shoulder, chest, back or thigh. As stated earlier, some go for a whole body dragon tattoos, making it look like the dragon viciously guarding and protecting, while wrapping around the body of their master.