The Shoulder Tattoo

shoulder lookFinally you’ve got the tattoo design you’ve always wanted. You’ve invested a lot of time researching for other designs, sketching and mixing them all up to make yours one of a kind. Now the only problem you’re faced with is the placement of your tattoo.

There are a lot of places you can put your new tattoo design but one favorable tattoo placement is your ever classic shoulder. Our shoulders are one of the most common areas to put a tattoo. Throughout the ages and diverse cultures you will commonly find all sorts of shoulder tattoo designs like dragons or tigers on shoulders of warriors to intimidate their enemies.

Why is the shoulder the best place to place a tattoo? Well because the shoulder offers a broad place for any tattoo design to fit in, not to mention, the shoulder is the best place for a tattoo artist because he or she don’t have to get to any awkward positions while working.

A shoulder tattoo is also best for first time tattoo goers. The shoulder may provide a lot of tattoo space, but it doesn’t mean you should get a large tattoo. If it’s your first tattoo, a small shoulder tattoo is a great area to break the ice and get the feel of the process of getting a tattoo. If you’re thinking of getting a larger tattoo, no problem, you can always add a new design and blend it with your previous tattoo. Professional tattoo artist do a great job at blending or making tattoos larger and you’ll be surprised how beautiful with the end result. So, if you’re tired with your small tattoo, you can all ways ask your tattoo artist to make it larger. You can fill it up and get a half sleeve tattoo or you can go crazy and get a full arm tattoo.