The Raven Tattoo

raven-tattoo-7The Raven is a majestic creature that is often depicted in modern day culture. Traditionally the raven has negative connotations, usually associated with death; seen often on a battlefield with fallen soldiers. These connotations stem from the raven as a scavenger which, while true, only portrays a very limited portrayal of the grace of this bird.

We would like to take a different view of the raven – one that appreciates its magnificence for what it truly is.

Not known to many people, the raven is a highly intelligent creature. Ravens can even be taught to speak! The raven tattoo is therefore equally associated with that person being quite intelligent. The raven tattoo withholds a sense of mystery in a way, usually asked for by people who are quite reserved. In the words of former US President Theodore Roosevelt, this tattoo is most definitely for those who “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Many cultures depict the raven as being a keeper of secrets. The Norse believed that Odin was the Raven God whose children had the ability to turn into ravens themselves. They believed these children would whisper in he ear of fallen soldiers and take them to Valhalla – eternal paradise. In this way, ravens have an underlying positive influence upon death rather than the traditionally associated negativity that they bring.

Raven tattoos can range from extremely complex to fairly simple depending on your preference. Nonetheless, the detail needed to create a beautiful raven tattoo is quite intricate and therefore must be cared for properly. Tattoo aftercare is a paramount part of any tattoo, especially one as detailed as this.

The raven is also known as a messenger and is shown in Biblical references. Noah sent a raven to see if the floodwaters were really receding. It is fabled that when the raven failed to return, God turned its feathers black as punishment for failing.

The raven has a very sacred connotation amongst those who truly understand what it represents. It’s awe-inspiring and quite frankly looks beautiful when recreated by a tattoo artist.