The Popularity of Nautical Star Tattoos

nautical star tattoosOne of the most common pieces is the nautical star tattoos. These have been around for decades and are regarded as old school tattoos.  The nautical star is usually done in alternating dark and light areas.

At least a century ago, nautical star tattoos have been a symbol of finding the way home. Sailors, military men, and seafaring people have used it as a hopeful symbol. It is usually represented as a five pointed star reminiscent of a compass rose. These are old sailor’s tattoo and sometimes used as symbols to ward of f evil and keep them safe all the time.

The nautical star is used interchangeably with the North Star. While the apparent positions of the rest of the stars change throughout the night, the North Star remains virtually fixed and made them very useful in celestial navigation. Because they virtually stay in place, the nautical star gives the confidence of staying in the right path and getting home safely.

Although nautical star tattoos were once only used by people who were in some way associated with the sea, others adopted the symbol as well. Today, they are popular among men and women alike. The old meaning of “follow the stars” have now evolved to” follow your dreams”.

Nautical star tattoos are also said to connote positive meaning for the future. Aside from this, it has been used as a symbol of achieving success in life.

On the other hand, nautical star tattoos have evolved to connote other meanings as well. Today, they are among the commonly used punk rock tattoo designs. The nautical star has also a unique meaning to the gay and lesbian community. It has been said that the tattoo symbol was used to identify each other during the 1960s.

Various colour combinations have also been used to make nautical star tattoos.  The most common is the simple red and black star based on the colours of most sea maps. Different groups of people constantly come up with new meanings based on the nautical star. Because of the simplicity of its design and colour patterns, nautical star tattoos continue to be popular long after they were used by the early sailors.