The Meaning of Eagle Tattoos

eagle tattooFor centuries, eagles have been used as symbols. This mighty bird is known for its amazing size, extraordinary flight, gracefulness, and strength. In the ancient times, rulers of Egypt have used it as their seal. The symbol of the Persian Army was also an eagle. Some Native American tribes have referred to this huge bird as the earthly manifestation of the Great Spirit or Thunderbird. Today, many countries use it as a national symbol.

Eagle Tattoos have been favourite designs because the eagle figure is regarded as the king of birds. They are either used alone or combined with other design elements to make a unique eagle tattoo design.

Eagle tattoos have been used as an expression of patriotism and pride. In the military; particularly in the US, the eagle tattoo is well represented. The great wingspan of the eagle can symbolise removing all traces of weakness and limitation.

Another meaning associated with eagle tattoos is protection.  It is a popular Christian symbol that represents salvation. They are commonly used to symbolize connections with the spiritual realm and are said to offer protection from negative energies. The impressive eagle is a representation of higher spiritual energy.

Various cultures have also associated the eagle with the sun. Thus, it is also believed to embody authority, guardianship, and power.

An additional connotation attached to the eagle symbol is having a clear focus, visualization, and determination. This bird is known for its remarkable vision, thus making it a suitable representation of a clear point of view. Eagle tattoos are also commonly used to be a sign of independence. This is because the eagle is usually solitary and spends most of its time high above.

The world’s most majestic bird can be designed as eagle tattoos in a variety of styles. The tattoo is usually placed across the chest or upper back. Others use smaller designs on their arms, legs, or ankles. Even with the passage of time, the eagle has remained a symbol of power, strength, and spirituality.