The History of the Dragon Tattoo

Concept-HighDragonDragons are a part of myths and legends – seen as both legendary and powerful. The dragon tattoo has drawn upon this history to become a very common part of tattoo culture.  The true allure of the dragon tattoo though comes from its uniqueness – the fact that no other tattoo commands attention quite as it does.

One of the most practical advantages of the dragon tattoo is how fluid it is. Whether you want your tattoo on your back, arms, chest or even face, the dragon tattoo can be done virtually anywhere! Due to the many different forms of a dragon, you can have a coiled one done on your arms or a fully extended fire breather across your shoulder blades!

Dragons have long been depicted in different ways. Sometimes they are symbols of strength as a defender of a treasure, sometimes dormant and wise as a sage and sometimes as destroyers who forcibly make those around them obey. The dragon tattoo brings forth these ideals depending on the person it is tattooed on.

Usually, dragon tattoos are quite large, and therefore require quite a great deal of ink to truly create a worthwhile tattoo. Bearing this in mind, it is in your best interest to make sure you use the proper aftercare products to ensure that your artwork stays clean and beautiful. The best way to make sure your art is oxygenated enough and prevents any unwanted scabbing is by using the AfterInked tattoo aftercare lotion

But did you know that dragon tattoos have a rich history? They date back as far as ancient tribes which roamed Babylon in which only the most  elite of warriors had dragons tattooed across their chests to symbolise their power. Nowadays, this same tradition has come about in a way that symbolises people who feel they themselves hold a similar bout of strength.

Maybe not as much today, but did you know traditional dragon tattoos had different meanings depending on whether they were tattooed on a man or a woman?

Dragon tattoos on a man

Put quite simply, a man with a dragon tattoo is meant to symbolise true strength. Acting as the prideful guardians of all they hold dear, men with a dragon tattoo have been found to be more protective than those without.

Dragon tattoos on a woman

Symbolic of the natural gift women have. They are the givers of life – the creators. A dragon tattoo shows strength and a reserved amount of power if provoked. Studies have shown women with dragon tattoos have actually been more self-confident than others.

Now that you know what they symbolise, how much does a dragon tattoo represent your own personality?

Only you can decide!