The Basics of Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo careTattoos these days are so popular, you just cant wait to get a tattoo or two. Unfortunately, most people getting tattoos just go and get their tattoo without knowing how to take care of their fresh ink.

It is common practice for a tattoo artist to hand a piece of paper with instructions on how to take care of a fresh tattoo, but some artist only give instructions verbally.

Ideally, it is best to research or study about tattoo aftercare before getting an appointment from your tattoo studio. The good news is, tattoo aftercare isn’t really difficult, you just have to understand how to do it right. Below are basic instructions on tattoo aftercare:

Things You Need

It is important to purchase all the things you need before going to the tattoo studio. You will need: cotton towels or lint free paper towels, anti bacterial soap (liquid preferred), and tattoo aftercare lotion.

Cotton Bandage

There are two types of bandages that are used to wrap up a fresh tattoo: cotton bandage and plastic wrap. Always go for the cotton bandage because unlike the plastic wrap, cotton bandages lets the wound breath and absorbs excess ink and blood.

Do Not Touch

Once it’s all wrap and ready, go straight home and wait two hours before removing the bandage. Do not show off your fresh tattoo to friends and do not peak or even touch it. An infection is the worst thing that can happen to a fresh tattoo, it can fade or kink some portions of the tattoo, in worst cases, you could end up in the hospital.


After removing the bandage, wash thoroughly and remove excess ink and blood. You will notice a clear amber fluid oozing from the tattoo, this is called plasma. This is the natural way how our body covers up a wound, when plasma dries, it forms a thick scab, which we don’t want in tattoo aftercare, so wash as much plasma as you can. In a few hours plasma will form again, wash repeatedly until the oozing stops.

Tattoo aftercare

After washing, pat dry your tattoo, never rub your towel against a fresh tattoo. Then allow to air dry for a few seconds, and then apply a thin layer your favorite tattoo aftercare lotion.