Taylor Swift With Harry Styles While Getting A New Tattoo

o-HARRY-STYLES-NEW-TATTOO-570The One Direction pop singer has added another new tattoo to his collection, this time he is very fortunate to have Taylor Swift with him. Harry got his tattoo last December 18, after arriving in Los Angeles, California with his fellow band mates to perform on the finale of the X-Factor.

Taylor Swift held Harry’s hand while going under the needle. Harry really needs all the support he can get because the tattoo is quite large. The huge tattoo is a ship located at his upper left arm, just beside his bicep heart tattoo, he got the tattoo done in Shamrock Tattoo Parlor, the same tattoo parlor where David Beckham get’s his tattoo.

Harry Styles is no tattoo first timer, in fact, he have around 20 tattoos inked all around his body.