Tattooing Over Scar Tissue

tattooing over scar tissueHave you ever wondered if it is possible to tattoo over your scar? Generally, tattooing over scar tissue is possible. However, there are a few things that you should know before proceeding with it.

The first consideration is the age of the scar. There is really no specific time frame for this as long as the scar is not fresh. If the area is still pink and raised, then it is not advised to get a tattoo over the scar yet. Tattooing over an area that is not yet fully healed can cause further damage. Another possible problem is that the area may not absorb the ink very well. It is also more painful to get a tattoo during this time.

The size of the scar is another factor. Very large scars and wider ones may not hold ink well. Clearly, thinner and smaller scars cover better. Ink on large scars may end up with a lighter patch so you should be aware of this.

The tattoo process can be more painful over scarred areas of the skin. On the other hand, there are also people who may have no sensation aside from slight pressure caused by needles on the skin. So it really depends on the condition of the scar and how it has healed.

The process usually takes longer if you are getting a tattoo over scar tissue. Because of the unusual condition of the skin, it may require more ink and more passes with the needle before the desired look is achieved.

Summing up, the process of tattooing over scar tissue is more complicated than tattooing over normal skin.  Make sure that your scar is completely healed and the older the scar, the better the results will be. Learn to manage your expectations. A tattoo will not hide a scar completely but can create an illusion to call away the attention from the blemished skin.