Tattoo Regrets? Remove it or Cover up

tattoo regretThis is the time for tattoos, everyone is getting one. In fact, a lot of people are getting one after another. That’s how crazy popular they are nowadays. But the problem with this tattoo craze is that some individuals just get a tattoo just to have one, and in the long run having tattoo regrets.

Fortunately there are options you can do with your tattoo regrets, either have it removed or cover it up with a new one.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is also a growing industry just like tattoo parlors because a lot of people who get a tattoo end up removing their art due to occupational and personal reasons. Laser tattoo removal hurts a lot more than getting a tattoo, and requires several sessions to get all the pigments removed and is also expensive.

Unfortunately, not all laser tattoo removals are successful. For some, there are stubborn pigments that are difficult to remove and the end result shows a faint sign of the tattoo.

Cover-up Tattoo

Another option is to simply cover up the unwanted tattoo with a new one. This is much better that laser removal since a new design is ingeniously made to blend with the old one. No one will ever know you had a previous tattoo. Keep in mind that not all tattoo artist can do a cover up job, only experienced tattoo artist can do this, there are also artist that specialize on this kind of artwork. Also, a cover up tattoo will be much larger (usually double the size) than the old tattoo, this will give the artist more space to fit the design. So if you have a 2×2 tattoo, the end design will be 4×4 or larger.

Nowadays, everyone is opting to get a tattoo but most of the time, some individuals get a tattoo just to have one and sometimes leading to tattoo regrets. Fortunately, there are things that you can do, either have it removed or cover it up with a new one.