Tattoo Myths and Misconceptions

tattoo myths

A tattoo is a form of body modification by injecting indelible underneath the skin and creating an image of the owners liking. Now there have been tattoo myths lingering around and scaring or misleading a lot of people who want to get inked. Below are a few myths:

Tattoos are painful. A lot of people find getting inked to be less painful than they expected. While there is a level of discomfort, the pain involved is very subjective. We all have our differences in tolerating pain. Furthermore, a numbing solution can be applied for those who are bit more sensitive.

It volves a lot of bleeding? In general, the outline  should not bleed. While in shading process, it should not bleed for more than 5 minutes. Before leaving the parlor, the tat is applied with a premium tattoo aftercare lotion, then wrapped up with a bandage. By this time there should be no bleeding.

The ink easily fades? In the 50s and 60s, ink used back then where not of good quality. Nowadays, innovations of tattoo ink have drastically improved, the pigment does not easily fade when exposed to the elements, allowing them to sustain their brightness.

Getting a tat can be life changing. This is not true. You can be proud of your new tattoo but as the years go by, you can forget that it’s even there. It is also important to be very cautious in choosing a design as this procedure is permanent.

Tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed. Tats are meant to last and will not fade easily when taken care of properly. While tats are permanent, they can still be removed with laser or other topical treatments.

Tattoos are not accepted in society. This is probably true decades ago, where having a tats signifies your trouble to society. But nowadays, this body art is accepted and anyone can get one.