Tattoo Maintenance: The Key To A Long Lasting and Vibrant Tattoo

Most-Beautiful-Tattoos-for-WomenSo, you’ve finally got yourself a new tattoo and feel really satisfied with all the hard work you put into deciding on a design, making a big investment on a really good professional artist and deciding where the design should be placed. Tattoo aftercare also went very well, the wound completely healed without any discoloration, which means no more nasty touch ups. All in all, you tattoo experience went very well.

But is that it? Is it that easy? Does tattoo care end after the scab fall of your new tattoo?

Definitely not, your job from here on is to keep your tattoo beautiful vibrant and to do this is simply add one more step to your daily self care routine. If you comb or brush your hair, put on makeup and the like every day, you should add some steps to taking care of your tattoo.

Tattoo maintenance is the key to a long lasting beautiful tattoo, and it is really easy to do. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your tattoo.

  1. Apply a premium tattoo aftercare lotion daily. These specifically made tattoo lotions do not only help in tattoo healing, they are also excellent in keeping your tattoo soft and moist. Afterinked is an excellent tattoo aftercare cream because it contains grape seed oil which is known for its skin moisturizing and anti oxidant properties.
  2. Use sun block whenever going out doors. The ultra violet rays coming from the sun can fade the colour pigments making your multicoloured tattoo fade easily. This is the reason why motorcycle riders got fade out tattoos.  Purchase a sun block with the highest SPF you can afford.

That’s it! Tattoo maintenance is simply applying a good quality aftercare lotion daily and using some sun block every time you go outdoors, it’s that simple, right?