Tattoo Infection Signs and Symptoms

infected tattoo

Each year, millions of people get tattoos. The art of tattooing has gone a long way since it was first done by tribal communities. Unfortunately, even with the modern techniques applied today, a tattoo infection can still occur.

Just like any cutting, pricking or break in the skin, there is always a risk of getting an infection. Below are signs and symptoms of tattoo infection and you should see a doctor if you develop any of them.

If you notice extreme redness in a large area, this may suggest infection. Although there will normally be some degree of redness around the tattoo area, this should decrease within hours or a few days. In case you notice that the redness increases, you should have it evaluated.

Pain is part of the tattoo process. This should subside after the first 48 hours. But if the intensity of throbbing should increase or starts to get worse instead of getting better, you should check with your doctor.

It is also normal to have a bit of swelling right after getting your tat. But again, you should seek consult if it gets worse instead of improving.

If you have just gotten a tattoo, a little clear serum that may or may not have tiny blood spots is a natural part of the healing process. But if you start seeing yellowish or greenish discharge, you have a potential problem.

If your tattoo begins to smell stinky, have it checked. A fresh tat should never emit foul odor. If this happens, it most likely points to an ongoing infection. This is especially true in individuals whose immune systems are compromised.

Fever is a sign of infection. It can range from mild to severe. At the slightest hint of fever, see your physician to avoid serious problems.

If you feel that you have a tattoo infection and you have any of the indications above, seek professional help. Do not attempt to self medicate because you can be at risk for more serious problems and complications.