Tattoo First Timers Frequently Asked Question


A tattoo is basically printing or inking an image of your liking on your skin. It sounds really simple, but the actual artwork is done by using a needle and impregnating the skin with ink. Now this is not like your usual flu shot from your doctor, the needle in tattooing punctures the skin several times. But this doesn’t stop anyone from getting one, right?

Below are frequently asked a question if this is the first time you’re getting a tat.

Is it painful? This is the primary concern of a first timer and yes, it is painful. It is typical for an artist to apply a numbing solution over the area to be inked, but still there will be considerable pain. Pain is relatively subjective, we all have our own tolerance to pain.

Where should I put my first tattoo? It really depends where you want it. It could be on your shoulder your arm, legs, where ever you want. But it is important to consider your status or work. If your Health worker for example, your tattoo should be well hidden, because most patients prefer health providers without a tattoo.

What image size should I get? For a first timer, it is advisable to get a small one. This will let you get a feel of being inked. Larger tatts take longer to finish, others may take several visits to complete. Once you get the “feel” for it, why not get a second larger one.

When is the time to get a tattoo? The best time to get one done is in the summer time, provided you give up your summer gigs and devote you time in caring for your tat. But if you can’t sacrifice your beaching which no one can blame you, winter time is also great.

Can an infection ruin the design? Yes it definitely can ruin the design. It is critical not to get your fresh tat infected. Your artist should teach you proper tattoo aftercare techniques and you should absolutely follow them.