Tattoo Designs That You Are Likely To Regret

tattoo designs

The popularity of tattoos and tattoo designs has grown rapidly in the past years that they are now a fashion trend. But as the tattoo business continues to flourish, the number of dermatologists who specialise in tattoo removal also increases.

Nothing is worse that getting a tattoo only to regret it later on. It is said that around 50 percent of those who get inked would want to have their tattoos removed or changed to another design in the coming years.

Below are the top tattoo designs that you are likely to regret.

Getting tattooed with your lover’s name is definitely a bad idea. Just because you are currently in love does not guarantee that it will last forever. Countless people go to dermatologists to have their exes names erased. For tattoo artists, this can mean repeat business to cover up the unwanted name. Matching tattoos for romantic relationships might also be a cause for regret. Not all relationships last and unless it is your children, parents, or close siblings, avoid getting matching tattoos.

Another common tattoo regret is that of a favourite actor, band, or celebrity. In the next decade or so, you might be unhappy with this design. The same thing is true for cartoon characters. As you get older, you may not want to have a cartoon stuck to your chest, leg, or arm.

Trendy tattoos may look hip today but how about ten years from now? It is best to stick to classic designs or simply use temporary tats if you want to follow the current trends.

Gang symbols or group designs show your involvement in a certain type of crowd. While this may give you special or exclusive benefits, this can be frowned upon by outsiders. In the next few years, you might regret having to be associated with a particular group and your tattoo will be a constant reminder of this.

While you can always get your unwanted tat removed, this can be very expensive. Most dermatologists charge by square inch of laser removal treatment. Scarring on the tattoo area is also a probability, leaving you with unsightly skin. Covering up the unwanted tattoo with another design may also not end up like you expect it to be. So before you get inked, think hard about these tattoo designs that you are likely to regret.