Tattoo Conventions

imagesTattoo conventions have flourished over the last few decades in particular. With the growing commonness of the tattoo it only makes sense for the culture to expand and promote itself. Tattoo conventions are great places to mix amongst people with similar interests as well as check out some innovative tattooing technology, designs and artists.

Both throughout the USA and UK, tattoo conventions keep springing up. The London Tattoo Convention is a big one, bringing some of the most interesting tattoo artists and artworks around. Not only do artists themselves come but tattoo aftercare proprietors such as ourselves also come to teach the value of tattoo aftercare, as well as display some of the leading ways to take care of your ink.

Not only is it a great place to mingle with other tattoo enthusiasts, it is also a great deal of fun! Tattoo conventions are notorious for having some great guest stars and entertainment. Tattoo enthusiasts such as the likes of Cervana Fox and Domino Barbeau are frequents of such conventions!

For those hardcore tattoo lovers, these conventions also have tattoo competition. Ranging from who has the most detailed piece of ink to who has the most creative, these contests are a great deal of fun and may even give you some inspiration as to what your next piece of ink should look like!

Check it out for yourselves! Wherever you are based, you may find some wonderful inspiration on both tattooing, aftercare and all things tattoo related. Who knows, you may even find yourself an artist that you want to do your next tattoo!