Tattoo Brilliance with Continued Tattoo Aftercare

tattoo aftercare

So now you’ve got a beautiful fresh tattoo. You’ve passed all the tattoo aftercare with flying colours. No scarring, no tattoo discolorations, no infections whatsoever. You’ve got your tattoo as perfects as it can be. But now you’re thinking: What next? Will my tattoo fade out like the ones I commonly see among elders? How do I keep my tattoo vibrant?

Well, the truth is, tattoo care is a continuous process. Don’t even think about ignoring your magnificent body artwork. Yes, you may have passed the initial tattoo aftercare after having a fresh tat, but it actually doesn’t end there. Below are a few tattoo care tips to keep your tattoo looking vibrant, no matter how old it is.

Ever wonder why those tough looking, broad shouldered bikers have grayed out tattoos. I’m telling you, their tattoos didn’t start out that way. They of course started with a sharp looking tattoo just like yours, but because their body art is constantly being baked under the sun, the colours fade out. Yes, the number one enemy of a tattoo or any type of artwork as a matter of fact, is the sun. The sun fades out any colour, whether it’s a pain job on wall or a car – anything, and don’t think that the sun will show any mercy of your tattoo.

The best way to protect your tattoo from the sun is to use a sun block – Yep, just as simple as that. Try to get the highest SPF you can afford and make sure that it blocks the entire UV spectrum. Remember, apply the sun block 15 to 30 minutes before going out doors.

Next, is to wash off all the sun block after going out, then apply a really good, premium quality moisturizer. If you’re staying indoors all day, then just rub your tattoo with the moisturizer. This practice should be done every day, to keep your tattoo looking vibrant and beautiful.

And that’s it, really easy right, sun block when going out and constant moisturizing. Consistency is the key.