Tattoo Artist Sues THQ

tattoo artistChris Escobedo a tattoo artist and the owner of Elite Tattoo filed a lawsuit against THQ for unauthorized usage of a tattoo Escobedo designed. THQ, a big time game developer is being sued for its UFC series: UFC undisputed 2010 and UFC Undisputed 3.

The virtual character of MMA fighter Carlos Condit have tattoo marking that Escobedo designed and THQ animators allegedly recreated these designs without Escobedo’s permission. Apparently, all original artworks and tattoos made by a tattoo artist or any artist, broadly speaking, are rightfully theirs and cannot be copied. Like Carlos Condit, whom is a public figure and a great fighter in the UFC, according to law, although Carlos have paid to get his tattoos, he don’t really own them.

The lawsuit is asking for damages caused by THQ’s usage of the artworks.