Tattoo Aftercare and Tattoo Maintenance

tattoo aftercareSo you got yourself a new tattoo. All the effort you put into looking for the perfect design, saving up to get the best artist you could afford and doing proper tattoo aftercare have all come together to give you the perfect tattoo. Now you have something you can show to your family and friends, a little piece of art that you can be proud off.

But it is important to know that tattoo aftercare doesn’t end after a fresh tattoo has completely healed. Daily maintenance is very important to keep your tattoo looking sharp and vibrant. If you don’t do so, it will render your tattoo to fade faster, making it look old sooner.

Below are some tattoo maintenance tips to keep your tattoo looking good as new.

  • Continue using your tattoo aftercare lotion. Aftercare lotions like Afterinked are vegan based products, ideal for long term use. It’s main ingredient is grape seed oil, a beautiful skin moisturizer. Moisturizing your tattoo daily keeps the skin healthy.
  • Use sunblock. When going outdoors, don’t forget to apply sun block on your tattoo and if possible,  get the highest SPF you can afford. The sun’s ultra violet rays  can fade the colour pigments making your multicoloured tattoo fade easily. This makes the sun the number one enemy of your tattoo. This is the reason why motorcycle riders got fade out tattoos.
  • No to swimming in pools. If possible, avoid swimming in chlorine filled pool for long periods. The chlorine contained in these pools can fade out the colours of your tattoo. Go to the beach instead.

Adding one more step of your daily self care routine ,which is your tattoo maintenance, will keep your tattoo looking beautiful and vibrant for years. It is your responsibility in keeping your tattoo looking brand new, and daily tattoo care maintenance is the key.