Tattoo Aftercare: Taking Care Of A Foot Tattoo

tatoo aftercareThe process of getting a tattoo is basically all the same. Depending on its location and size, a customer might need to change positions from time to time. Well, that’s the easy part, except for the pain of course. The hardest and most critical part of getting inked is tattoo aftercare.

Not all tattoos are treated equally. You may know the basics of tattoo aftercare but everything changes when you tattoo is located on areas more exposed like your hands and feet. This article will discuss how to handle tattoo aftercare for foot tattoos.

Foot tattoos are extremely popular among women because they can add a little zing when wearing open foot wear. But foot tattoos are probably one of the hardest areas for tattoo aftercare. It’s a foot tattoo aftercare madness!!! Unfortunately, no statistics seems to exist when it comes to infected tattoos and which areas are most affected. But when you Google “infected tattoo” you will mostly find images of infected tattoos on the foot and lower leg. So be extremely careful when caring for your foot and lower leg tattoos.


It is really no surprise that these areas are very prone to infection because our feet are close to the ground and we constantly use our feet to walk around. So it will be best to get a foot tattoo at times where you have a choice to rest and take care of your foot, and this will be in a school break or some sort of break if you’re working like a holiday. You should devote your time in foot tattoo aftercare to prevent any infection from occurring.

Size Matters

Of course the bigger the foot tattoo, the more you should give it attention. Big foot tattoos means stay at home for at least two weeks or until the tattoo peals. But if it’s a tiny tattoo and it if it’s in an area where it won’t get irritated and you can manage to keep it dry and breathing, hell yeah, you can enjoy your break but of course with restrictions: no beach, no pools.

Tattoo Aftercare

The method of tattoo aftercare for the foot is basically the same with other areas. The only difference is you are limited to from using your feet especially if it’s a large foot tattoo. Small ones are fine, as stated above. But hey, with good tattoo aftercare you foot will be up and going in just two weeks.